100+ Models To Choose From

Here at Fast Caskets we have over 100 models to choose from in our selection.  You can break out the casket models into two different categories: Wood and Metal.  These caskets come in a variety of colors, and shapes.  With our large selection you can certainly find the right one for your loved one.

These caskets also come in different sizes.  We have youth caskets for infants, toddlers, and children.  Most of our caskets are a standard size and will fit most individuals.  We also have oversize caskets as well for individuals who may be larger in size.  Please let us know if you are unsure of the correct size casket for your loved one.

Our Metal Casket is a popular line as it has a variety of styles, and colors to match the personality of each individual they are for.  The types of metal that we sell are Stainless Steel, Copper, Bronze, 18 Gauge Steel, and 20 Gauge Steel.  These caskets come with rounded corners or square corners in shape.  The interiors are made of either fine velvet or a beautiful crepe in a variety of colors.  The interior colors include: Rosetan, White, Beige, Pink, Blue, or Arbutus.  These caskets some with and without a sealer gasket for your loved ones protection from water and other elements to help preserve the body.

There are many different features on these caskets that make this top notch in the industry.  The metal caskets have a continuous weld around the bottom.  They come with both fixed and swing-bar handles.  They all have an adjustable bed to fit your loved one just right.  Lastly some of them have a memory tube where you can put valuables or memories or your loved ones and family in.

Each of our caskets are what they call half couch.  Half couch means there are two lids.  One lid covers the waist down which normally remains closed during a service with the top lid to show the waist line up would remain open during the viewing.  You can open up both sides if you would like to show the full body if you would prefer.

In our wood line of caskets we have a beautiful selection of styles and designs.  The selection of wood consists of seven different types of woods which include: Pine, Cedar, Oak, Cherry, Mahogany, Walnut, and Poplar.  These woods are all solid wood.  They are not veneer.  We do not carry or wish to carry any kind of a veneer wood.  These are all premium grade treated woods.  The exteriors of these have several coats of lacquer to give them a beautiful look.  The exteriors are coated with our premium high gloss, semi-gloss, or matte finish lacquers.

Our wood line has beautiful interiors that are made of fine velvet or a beautiful crepe in several different colors.  The colors include: Rosetan, Beige, Arbutus, or white.  The wood caskets are all half couch caskets.  The exteriors have unique shapes to fit the taste of the right person.

Some features of our woods include adjustable beds to raise and lower your loved one to just the right position in the casket.  Each of our woods have swing-bar handles and they are all fully insured.  The wood caskets do not have a seal option on them.  You will want to be sure to get a sealed vault when purchasing a wood casket to protect your loved one from natural elements.  The lids do have a locking mechanism on them.  Some of them also include the memory tube to place valuables and mementos of your family with your loved one.

We take great pride in our vast selection of casket.  If you cannot find the casket you are looking for, please let us know as we can customize the casket for the right individual.  We can do custom interiors; we can do a custom paint job to the exterior. We also can do a custom image in the head lid to display anything you would like about your loved one.  Please let us know how we can help.  You can check out our full selection at http://www.fastcaskets.com/funeral-caskets-online-s/71.htm.  You can also reach us at 888.342.7477.

Here are a few of our caskets in our selection…

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