What size casket do I need for my loved one?

Choosing the correct size casket for your loved one can be a daunting task.  You want to be sure you choose the right casket to fit your loved one.  Most people fit and will be buried in a standard size casket.  We do have small caskets for infants and children we call our “Youth” caskets, as well as caskets for individuals who may be heavier or just larger in stature.  These larger caskets we call our “Oversize” casket selection.

Bristol 28 31

Today we will talk about the oversize caskets.  We will talk about youth caskets on a later post.

When we talk about oversize caskets it is important to talk with your funeral director to be sure you are getting the right size for your loved one.  The measurement that is important to know is how wide your loved one is while they are laying down.  You will want to measure the width of a person at their elbows.  That is the widest part.  Now the elbows can be adjusted a little bit so it is possible to go off the shoulder width as well.

All of our metal oversize caskets are constructed in the highest grade of 18 Gauge Steel with a full continuous weld.  We also carry wood oversize caskets as well again made of the strongest wood available.

Roanoke 28A standard size casket interior dimensions are 24” wide and 79” in length.  The average person is 70” or 5’10” and weighs 185lbs; therefore, the average person will fit in a standard-size casket.  The standard size casket can fit a person up to 6’10” and in weight up to about 350lbs.  If an individual is larger than that size they would need a larger casket size.

The next size we stock is what we call our 28” models.  The 28” refers to the interior dimensional width.  The interior dimension is 27.5” and the length is 79”.  This will accommodate a person who is about 6’10” and weighs up to about 450lbs.  Most 28” caskets will fit in a standard size vault.  Be sure to see the dimensions of your casket on our website and talk with your funeral director about the vault size.

We also carry a larger size which we call our 31” models.  The 31” refers to the interior dimensional width.  The interior dimension is 30.5” and the length goes longer to 85”.  Once you get into this size you will need to get a bigger vault. Be sure to discuss this with your funeral director.

If your loved one needs a larger casket, we can accommodate as well, but these larger sizes are custom made.  Please call one of our Casket Representatives to discuss the perfect size of your loved one.

To see the selection of our oversize caskets which we stock, click here.


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