Half Couch or Full Couch

Many people hear the words “Half Couch” and “Full Couch” when dealing with the funeral director about a casket, but most do not know what it means.  Let us help you with that.

A “Half Couch” casket is a casket that has two lids.  What I mean by two lids is that there is a lid that is over the persons head and another lid that is over the persons feet.  When your loved one is placed in a half couch normally your loved ones body is covered from the waist down with the foot lid.  There is what is called  a modesty drape that sits on the top of the foot lid and the cloth drapes over the waist line of your loved one as seen in the picture below.

This is most traditional to have a half couch casket for your loved one.



A “Full Couch” is a casket that only has one lid.  The top lid of the casket is one solid piece the entire length.  By placing your loved one in a full couch, your loved ones full body is shown when placed in the casket.

Many people like the idea of a full couch if they want to show off the full clothing and shoes of their loved one.  In the full couch sometimes included is an interior covering piece that covers your loved one from the waist down as seen below.

Full Couch


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