Infant/Youth Caskets

Loosing a loved one is never easy.  Loosing a child is heart wrenching.  I am part of a family that lost a child.  My sister passed away at a young age, so I understand how difficult it can be.  We are sorry for your loss if you have gone through such a tragedy.

Caskets come in all sizes from large to small.  Our infant/youth line is made up of three different sizes.  These caskets come in three different colors: white, silver, light blue.  Each of these are made of 20 Gauge Steel.  They each have a gasketed seal around the lid and they do have a locking mechanism.  The interior of these caskets are made of high quality crepe in white, or light blue.  These come with a pillow in them as well.  The sizes are listed below:

Smallest size:

Exterior Dimensions: 17.25″ x 35.5″

Interior Dimensions: 13.25″ x 31.5″

Medium Size:

Exterior Dimensions: 23.5″ x 48″

Interior Dimensions: 19.25″ x 43.5″

Large Size:

Exterior Dimensions: 23.5″ x 60″

Interior Dimensions: 19.5″ x 55″



You can see our full selection on our Youth Caskets page.  Please give us a call and let us help you choose the casket that is right for your loved one at 888.342.7477.


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