Personalize Your Casket

There are many styles of caskets to choose from to fit your loved one.  There are wood, metal, stainless caskets to choose from of all colors and styles.  If you would like to make your casket more personal we can do several things to your casket:

  1. Head Panel Insert – In the head lid of the casket we can put a custom image or verbiage to show you loved them.  We can do them either embroidered on cloth material or we can do a full color print on a board that is custom fit to size.
  2. Custom Color Interior – The casket comes with a standard interior either in a white, off-white, rosetan, pink, or blue colors.  This is either done in a crepe/silk material or a high grade velvet.  If you do not like those colors we can do a custom interior for you.  We have done other colors for a customer from a navy blue or zebra print to a native american blanket.
  3. Custom Overlay – There is an overlay blanket that goes on the foot lid of the casket.  We can customize that to any material you desire
  4. Custom Paint – If the color of your casket is not found, let us know and we can paint the casket for your loved one to a color of your choice.

With these options above we can personalize the casket to your loved one.  Please call one of our casket reps to see how we can customize your casket.

One thought on “Personalize Your Casket

  1. The head panel is one of the reasons I want to buy my husbands casket here when the time comes. The blue Indian blanket is the one I want.Here’s to hoping they’ll be on sale when I need it.


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