Burial Vaults

When your loved one passes away there are many things to items to think about in the process.  One of which is the burial vault.  You will go to the funeral home and purchase a casket to bury your loved one in but you will also need to buy a burial vault which is what the casket will be placed in.

The original purpose of a vault was a way to make it more difficult for grave robbers to steal loved ones jewelry.  Today the main purpose of the vault is to ensure that the ground around the cemetery does not settle and sink.  Over time “green” caskets or wooden caskets will deteriorate and eventually cave in which in turn will cause the ground to sink.  Also, the equipment used around the cemetery is very heavy and can cause the ground to sink as well.  To prevent that from happening they made vaults or burial liners.  These are to help hold up the earth even if the casket itself deteriorates and collapses.

You can buy either a Burial Vault or a Burial Liner.  A burial vault will completely encompass a casket on all four sides including the top and bottom.  A burial liner does not have a bottom on it.  It will cover the four sides and the top of the casket.  Again the reason for these is to prevent the ground from caving in.

Burial Vaults today are mainly made of concrete.  There are more expensive ones made of stainless steel or copper and bronze.  Grave liners are as cheap as $700 to $1000 while vault may cost anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 depending on which type you would like.

It may not be illegal if you do not have a liner but most cemeteries require that you have one.  For the most part Cemeteries will encourage you to purchase a vault over a liner because it means more money to them.  Both will serve the same purpose.

Consult with your local funeral director about the burial vault you would like for your loved one.  You do not need to spend a lot of money on a burial vault.  You can buy a cheap lined burial vault and put your money somewhere else.

backhoe vaultbronze vaultcement vaultcopper vault

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